6 different ways to use Watercolor Pencils

Hey Stampers!! I’m excited to share with you how to use Watercolor Pencils in 6 different ways. Feel free to watch the video to watch the hands on experience I had with it for yourself. I also written out each step for you as well. Remember to take the opportunity to play with watercolor pencils yourself, and get a feel for your favorite way to use them yourself. 


Video Step By Step

Each different way

1.Strawberry basket color and Blender Pen Technique 2. Rub the Aqua Painter on the pencil, paint technique with succulent basket. 3. Flick the Aqua Painter on the Pencil technique


  1. Color the basket and strawberries and blend them with a blender pen, on regular whisper whit cardstock.
  2. Take an aqua painter, and rub it on the pencil, and quickly  color the Whisper White Cardstock, quickly because Whisper White cardstock isn’t meant for water-coloring.
  3.  With the Aqua painter flick pencil and make speckles on the cardstock. Isn’t it fun?!?!

4. the Multicolored chicken, pre-wet technique. 5. The wet pencil technique, the partially colored chicken 6. Color the Aqua Paint technique, the lady with umbrella.

4.  Wet the watercolor paper with the aqua painter, then color with the watercolor pencil color the areas you want. This is great for people who have arthritis, because of the smooth glide across the paper and it also has bold color too. That is a lot of fun, it’s one of my favorite technique.

5. So you know can use the watercolor pencils just to color like you would with crayons, right? The one thing you can’t do is wet the watercolor pencils in water, and color, it wil not work that way. But you certainly can color like a kid again with the Watercolor pencils.

6. Color the image on watercolor paper, try just coloring the areas you want dark for dimension, and bring in the Aqua Painter, start with the dark and blend out. I love this technique, because it create beautiful pictures.


I hope you take the opportunity to play with watercolor pencils. Click the watercolor picture below to purchase the pencils, I know you will love them  too.


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