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Both Reading Chart 2 Eileen Judd-Stampingmama.comHi! I have been working on some Reading Charts for my kiddos, and I thought I would share my idea with you. I got this idea from my childhood actually, when I was a kid my mom would sign us up for the summer reading program, I’m not that old, but computers weren’t very popular  20 years ago.

So when my mom signed us up for the reading program, we got a big map, that sort of looked the Candy Land game, but with dragons and books, and every time I read a book, I colored in a square, and soon as I got to the finish line, I got reward from the Library, like a coupon to McDonald’s for a Free happy meal. Well McDonald’s is no longer involved in the Phoenix Public Library Summer reading program, and they no longer handout maps to record reading, everything is online now.

Since my kids don’t use the computer (well because I do, LOL) , I decided to make a map of my own, so they can see something more tangible to reach their goal, while I input their minutes read into the computer. I even added my own goals for them to be even more motivated. Plus if they are motivated then I will be motivated to read to them, because they will be motivated to remind me too.

Please remember that you don’t have to use the same Stamp sets as I did, because I have 2 little girls, I used girly stamps. Also, I used flowers and colored in the middle part, and the kids colored in each petal for each book that we read. and on the balloons the colored in the balloon for ever book, and the ribbon for every book. I made sure to find stamps that can be colored in, and are relatively simple to explain to a child and easy for me to remember. I came up with rewards that were suitable for my kids, and my budget.

I hope this inspires you to make one, and it doesn’t have to be for summer, it can also be for the school year too.

Oh below I also, have a tip on how to hang this on the wall.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, if you have any questions please let me know.

Happy Crafting!

-Eileen Judd

Reading Chart Materials Used:

Warning some of the Stamps that used are no longer available for purchase..the one with the bird is from a past Sale- A-Bration sale..sorry.


Both Reading charts 1 Eileen Judd Stampingmama.comBase.

1.12″x  12″ piece of Whisper White Cardstock.

ReadingChartBack Eileen Judd ReadingChartFront Eileen JuddDecorating

1.Pick a out a couple of stamp sets that your kid will love.

2.Take the stamp that you will use coloring in, preferably something like a flower or blocks for kids to understand.

3. Using Memento Ink start a top right corner, and stamping towards the left in a curved line, stop when reach the reward stamp. Tip probably equalling 10-15 books before you hit your reward spot.

4.Stamp a fun character for the reward spot, then color it in with the markers of your choice.

5. Above the reward spot write the reward. Tip: Have big rewards and a small rewards, so they have something to look forward while waiting for the big items. Space them how you feel it’s appropriate for you.

6. Repeat steps 2-5 until you run out of room.

7. color the negative space outside the images with colored pencils lightly to give your reading chart more pizzaz. I used light blue.

8. You may notice that I have some characters out of place on my reading charts, they are for decoration. No purpose really, you can do that if you want, your choice.

9. Flip the cardstock over and repeat the process all over.


BalloonReadingChart Back Eileen Judd Balloon Reading Chart Front Eileen Judd Stampingmama.comOptional hanging

1.Use wash tape and a wooden skewer or dowel rod.

2.Place the wooden pole along the top, and use Washi tape to adhere the skewer to the top.

3. using a hole punch , punch 2 holes one on each side underneath the skewer.

4. Using ribbon or string pole through the hole and tie, and then the other hole and tie.

5. Hang on the wall.

I suggest Parental supervision while coloring otherwise your wall will become colorful.


Tips for rewards

Craft with mommy

Board Games with mom and dad

Ice cream

Treat of your choice

Go to the Park

Movie Theater


Movie at home with mom and dad w/ treats


P.S. It’s okay if you goof up, kids will love it anyways. mine did. 🙂

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