Bonus Days!! Earn some money while shopping!

Social1_BonusDays_demo_July0716_USI am so excited about Bonus Days! This is the first time Stampin’ Up! has offered coupons to customers! All you need to do for your $5 USD/$6 CAD coupon is spend $50 USD/$60 CAD in July. Stampin’ Up! will email you a coupon for every $50 USD/$60 CAD you spend, and you can use coupons on anything you want in August!

Bonus Days Details:

Starting July 7th and Ending July 31st, you can earn a $5 coupon for every $50.
Starting August 2nd and Ending August 31st, you can Redeem all your coupons in one order, potentially getting an item you really want for FREE!
An email address is required to participate in this promotion; Bonus Days coupon codes can only be delivered to participants via email.
We strongly recommend that participants both save emails containing their Bonus Days coupon codes AND write down the coupon codes in a safe place—the codes cannot be resent if the participant loses the email, and Demonstrator Support cannot recover lost codes.
Participants will receive a $5 USD/$6 CAD Bonus Days coupon code via email for every $50 USD/$60 CAD they spend in a single order (catalog price before shipping and tax). There is no limit to the number of coupons participants can receive per order or throughout the duration of the promotion. There is no limit on the number of coupons participants can use on an order during redemption.
Bonus Days coupons codes can be used in the checkout process during the redemption period.
All order types qualify for this promotion. Coupons can be redeemed on any order type.
Bonus Days coupon codes can be redeemed for any product, excluding Starter Kits and Paper Pumpkin subscriptions. New prepaid Paper Pumpkin codes can be redeemed.

How to order (during Bonus Days July 7 -31):

1.Head over to

2. Click Shop Now

3. Shop to your hearts content.

4. Select me as your demonstrator.

5. Head to check out

6. Pay, and then check your email for the exclusive coupon codes.

7. Flag those emails as important so you don’t lose them. Stampin up cannot recover them, so it’s important you don’t loose those codes.

8. Plan what you are going to spend those coupons on, you favorite item, perhaps?

9. August 2nd (Aug 2 -31) repeat steps 1-3 above.

10. Apply Codes to your cart at check out.

11. Then pay .

12. Then wait to receive your highly discounted items, at your door.

So, Hurry! We only have a few weeks of Bonus Days! Stampin’ Up! has never done anything like this before: You’ll get a $5 USD/$6 CAD coupon (via email) by spending $50 USD/$60 CAD in July. You can use the coupons in August on any item you want! The best part is that you can earn another coupon for every $50 USD/$60 CAD you spend. The sky’s the limit! I recommend using this time to stock up on essentials or splurge on your wish list items. Once August rolls around, you’ll get to have fun shopping again with all your Bonus Days coupon


If you have any questions feel free to contact me right away!

Happy Shopping!

-Eileen Judd


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